Meet Our Teachers!

At Spectrum Montessori, our staff are carefully selected for their talent, passion, and dedication to the well-being of the child.  Our teachers act as facilitator in the classroom by providing the necessary guidance and instructions to the students which enable them to work independently and progress at their own rate.  Many of our lead teachers have over 10 years of experience.  All teachers, whether they be lead teachers or assistants, are encouraged to further their professional development.  It is very important to our staff that our school is an authentic Montessori program.  You will know the difference when observing the teachers of Spectrum Montessori classrooms.  The teachers encourage the children to thrive and grow in their social, emotional, physical, academic, and spiritual development.  All teachers are well-trained on how to manage their classroom through redirection, positive reinforcement, and the building up of each individual child.  Spectrum Montessori takes great joy knowing the children are in joyful, well-structured classrooms that are well-prepared by their teachers.